PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephanie Pehar
with Tennille Read

“There is no issue that I hold alone. No sorrow that is mine alone. No problem that I am up against all on my own. Someone before me has held the same sorrow. Someone beside me has struggled along the same path. Someone after me will look up at the same hill I currently climb.

I call on their . I call up my own. I continue to do what I can, but I remember that I am never acting in isolation.

With this new moon I remember all those I am related to, in relationship with, and in this life alongside. With this new moon I give up on thinking that I have to go it alone. I know that line of thinking is a facet of a system that refuses the power of interconnectedness. The lines that weave between you and I and them and us weave an incredible web of connection.

Of this I am sure.

I can feel loneliness and still know I am loved. I can feel cut off from solutions and still know that feelings aren't facts. I have found my way thus far, and there is no reason why I won't again. I can be celebrated by massive crowds and still seek the sources of connection that are quiet, solid, and grounded.”

― Chani Nicholas

For Libra ⚖, New Moon in Aries, April 2019

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