Artist & Photographer

Stephanie Pehar - Learning to Fly
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Artist & Photographer

Stephanie Pehar - Learning to Fly

My name is Stephanie Pehar, and I’m a visual artist who works with watercolor and photography, specializing in creative portraiture. This is a space to share my creations, inspirations, interesting conversations, and to document both my personal and artistic journey as I’m Learning to Fly.


This past July, Simon and I decided to take a day trip to check out Tour des Arts in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec. Over the course of 11 days, participating artists and artisans from the area open up their studios to the public providing a unique opportunity to…

Portrait Photography

Musician Wax Mannequin (Chris Adeney), from Hamilton, Ontario, discusses his approach to creating music and delves into the concept of neurodiversity and the discovery of his own neurodivergence. He speaks of embracing his idiosyncrasies and creating without conforming to social norms, expressing the value of being open about both challenges…

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