BODY & BKGD PAINTING: Natasha Kudashkina
OCEAN BEAUTY: Alana Kindree

The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.
― Pearl S. Buck

Inhumanly… I feel this. Sometimes I feel like my sensitivity is a curse. I can be easily derailed by my emotions and struggle with anxiety. There are times I often wish for a tougher shell and a more robotic nature. I feel it would help me be more productive in this society that’s brainwashed me to feel like this is a measure of my worth.

It’s sensitivity however which also blesses us with the gift of enhanced senses. We see beauty in places where others wouldn’t normally look. Most people are content spending their lives on the shore, but we love spending time in the depths, whether it be in thoughts or feelings and we tend to be very intuitive and empathetic in nature as a result. With this also comes a greater vulnerability to pain, darkness and predators. The pressure and weight of the water can sometimes feel overwhelming, not to mention lonely… and many creative types find themselves feeling isolated, depressed and struggling to thrive in a society full of sharks who are constantly circling, looking to exploit our gifts.

Despite the struggles, knowing the magic that is to be found in the depths of the ocean, I wouldn’t trade it for a life only in the sand if given the choice.

I’m grateful to the people who’ve been supportive of my art, creativity, and sensitivity whether it be a simple like, kind words, your interest in working together & collaboration, or being there for me when I’ve been a soft jellyfish-esque mess crying on the floor (extra thanks, you know who you are). I appreciate you.

I met artist/body painter Natasha Kudashkina about 6 years ago at a makeup event, fell in love with her work and always wanted to collaborate with her. I’m so happy we finally were able to make it happen and couldn’t have asked for a better model for this concept than the lovely Alana. A dream team of kindred spirits that know of the magic to be found in the depths… it was fun deep sea diving with you!

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