I feel like I'm constantly at war with myself. I'm a living breathing paradox. My heart and head are always at odds with what is “best” or safe… or even just what is believed to be fact versus what I dream about and yearn for. I'm cynical but also hopeful. Serious but ridiculous. I also need and love solitude but at the same time crave companionship and deep, meaningful connections with others. However, though I'm incredibly compassionate, empathetic and understanding – a great listener… I often feel a deep internal struggle when it comes to trusting and communicating my own feelings to others. It's a constant struggle that often just leaves me feeling forever misunderstood. I know is key, but I hate how it makes me feel. I want to feel safe but how do you grow without taking risks? It all feels like a constant balancing act and how do you cope when you have a serious fear of falling?

Photography by Stephanie Pehar with Sarah Vjestica

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