This past weekend I took part in my first exhibition with Artistes Hudson Artists to show my watercolors at their annual fall Art Expo in Hudson, QC.

AHA Fall Art Expo 2023 THUMB

Being part of an art show like this has always been a dream of mine. I love going with Simon to galleries, art shows, and getting the chance to meet the artists. It's one of our favorite things to do. While there, we like to fantasize about being one of the artists and how it would feel to have so many people checking out your work… in person and often in front of you!

The opening was Friday evening, and not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous as there's been a bit of a build-up for this moment! Simon and I arrived together, and as we approached my board, we saw someone standing and looking at my work… we both looked at each other and kind of ran away with big grins on our faces! Shortly after, the president of the association, Mireille, gave a speech and announced that there was a judging and proceeded to announce the winners for best in show.

3rd place… Ginette Parizeau for “Fresh Meadow”. 2nd place… Christiane Herzog for “Peonia”. First place………… Stephanie Pehar for “Herself” !!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!? I look over at Simon, totally in shock and he was tearing up. AWWW MAN. :')

AHA Art Expo 2023 114741

I got a chance to chat briefly with one of the two judges. He told me he was particularly drawn to the emotion that the subject was projecting.

AHA Art Expo 2023 114854
AHA Art Expo 2023 Board 210908

Over the course of the weekend, everyone I met was so kind, welcoming and encouraging. I was grateful to have friends and family come to support, and also complete strangers come up to me and gush. It was interesting to have people ask me about my process and the meaning. I sold 6 paintings and 17 greeting cards!

So overall it was a pretty incredible experience and I'm definitely feeling some extra to do more painting. Thanks to all who came to the show and especially to Simon for all his enthusiasm and support (…and for putting up with alllll my emotions). I'm looking forward to the next one!

AHA Art Expo 2023 114451

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