PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephanie Pehar
MAKEUP: Monik Walmsley
HAIR: Brenda @ Vibrant Beauty
MODELS: Tara (AMTI) & Madeleine Heaven
As seen in VEUX Magazine (Issue 32)

One day soon, the flowers will bloom again….


I'll miss your vibrant colors
And your delicate ,
The warmth of your touch
As it caresses my skin.
I try to hold on.
I don't want to let you go.
But I know this won't last,
It never does.
When you're gone
All I'll be left with is the longing
For your touch,
Your smell,
Your beauty…
And the promise that one day soon,
The flowers will bloom again.

Poem by Stephanie Pehar

PH0241 Soon BTS 045

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