DIRECTED, SHOT & EDITED by: Stephanie Pehar
Thanks to Mike Bell, David Dunham, James Alan Prasek & L.A. West

Oh the weight of the world….

“Gravity” was a promo for an album called “Moon Boot Cocoon” by James Black. This is still one of the coolest and also challenging projects that I feel lucky to have been a part of. I was still honing my editing skills at the time and trying to pull off this ode to Terry Gilliam was no simple feat, but I’m quite proud of what we accomplished!

I can’t believe the weight there is around this place. I didn’t notice until I went to outer space, where there was nothing but me and the stars. Such space between the nearest parts. I had it all to myself. Now I’m back to dealing with everybody else. To tell you the truth I didn’t want to come back at all, cause when you’re standing on the moon every single problem in the world seems small.

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